“The world shines brighter today; the flowers bloom and the birds sing, for we have found the Lake. We have found our home.” -Excerpt from Darius Stormseer’s Personal Log

It has been a few years since the first sighting of the Echoing Lake, and sadly, Darius’s words have begun to ring hollow. Silvertide, though important to all the Eladrin, has proven to be a tempting target for the Drow. Elsewhere, the great Eladrin cities have turned away the threat, but the fledgling settlement has reignited the blood feud. In Silvertide now, there are no gleaming roads, no great spires or towers grasping towards the sky. Instead, there are tents, troops, and small, modest buildings built for nothing more than survival and shelter. Faces are grim, with the uncertainty that comes from a conflict that seems never-ending. Rumors linger in the air: that Darius himself has lost hope in the fight, or that the Drow still grow in number. Despite the gloom that has befallen the settlement, in the eyes of all there is a glimmer, a twinge of hope and conviction, that the enemy will be routed, and that the forces of good will stand triumphant.

Darius Stormseer was this hope personified; every day he strode through the streets, both advisors and common soldiers at his side, ensuring his followers that they did not stand alone. In his presence there was no thought of defeat; they say that even the lame stood tall so as not to disappoint the Patron of the Lake. Darius exuded an air of confidence and purpose since his youth, and even in these trying times no one could sense even a hint of doubt on his face. Indeed, as long as Darius Stormseer drew breath, surely there was no way Silvertide would fall.

Not that it would be easy otherwise; with Darius stood one of the greatest Guard Captains in the history of the Order of the Weeping Eye, Bahodur Lightbearer. Where Darius was gregarious and lighthearted, Bahodur Lightbearer loomed large, with a stoic demeanor like the sheer face of a cliff. He could always be seen on the ramparts, looking out at the unseen but ever-present enemy. Bahodur himself slew 50 Drow warriors in the first attack, and countless more as the battles mounted; one veteran recounted seeing Bahodur singlehandedly charge the ranks of a Drow General’s personal guard to rescue his friend Darius, running the General herself through before she could touch Darius Stormseer.

Even with 2 great members of the Order of the Weeping Eye, more help was needed to keep Silvertide alive. Though he did not first travel with the Founders of Silvertide, Malias Ironleaf travelled day and night when he heard the call of his brothers after the first Drow attack. The Chief Librarian of the Order, Malias stayed behind in the Order’s Monastery at Armaline City while Darius and his band sought out for the Lake. Malias has made up for lost time through his ceaseless devotion in the construction of the settlement, and providing Darius sage advice throughout the siege. Malias has even fought alongside his brothers in pitched combat, lending them aid from afar, and holding back the Drow with Corellon’s light.

It has been long since Darius’ party first set eyes on the Lake, and these heroes seek the help of allies and friends to keep Silvertide from the Drow hordes; when the call sounds, will you answer? Or more importantly, will you be enough to stem the onslaught?

Slivertide is a campaign set in the Feywild for 4-6 players playing only Fey origin characters.

On the Shores of Silvertide